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Thiên La Địa Võng

Số tập: Sung Yat Fu (Simon) & Ying (Michelle) are a happily married couple with 5 children. They were both Hong Kong borns but Yat Fu's hope to help China restore peace led them to reside in the mainland. Yat Fu works for the government but he is accused of being an anti-cultural revolution, along with his friends Lai (Yeung Kwan) and Kong. Those guys and their wives are brought out in public to receive criticisms for their actions. While Yat Fu's oldest son, Bong, is brave enough to tell the public that he loves and respects his parents, Kong's son Hoi humiliates his parents and looks down at them. This eventually drives Kong to commit suicide. As for the Sung's, the family loses all their wealth and status and is forced to live in a shack. But they still live happily because they are together as a family. Unfortunately, Ying freezes and dies outside on a snowy day while begging for some matches & Yat Fu gets hit by a car and dies later from the aftershock of it. Unable to take care of his 4 younger siblings, Bong tries to give each of them away to someone else but the sister right after him, Ting Ting, insists that she stays by him. So Bong & Ting Ting grow up together, with Hoi and his mother, Chu. Source: http://www.bluecrys.com/rev_heaven.html

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